The Seamless Customer Experience

Delivering a truly seamless customer experience requires a retailer’s presence at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery through research, purchase, fulfilment and beyond, to product maintenance or returns. NYCG enables retailers to respond to whatever the customer desires, wherever they may be, and whenever, or however, they choose to communicate.
NYCG invites you to go beyond retail with us and reach the nonstop customer through a series of experiences focused on:

  • Channel Convergence: The digital revolution does not mean doing away with the physical store. The store has become just one component of a seamless shopping experience and with NYCG retailers around the world are connecting the physical, online and mobile channels that touch the nonstop customer.
  • Future Brand Experience: Customers want fast, personalized service, and if retailers want to stay ahead, they need innovative ideas to enhance customer experience. Join NYCG to personally explore the upcoming future technologies that are already providing hyper-personalization, ultra convenience, and a simplified shopping experience.
  • Merchandising Science: With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers are now better able to compare products, services and prices — even as they shop in physical stores. Consumers have the power to influence other customers or damage a brand. Find out how NYCG leverages new technologies and data sources bring science to the art of merchandising to drive sales, margins and differentiation.