Big Data, MDM & Data Governance

Modern business applications produce ever more relevant and actionable information for decision makers, but in many cases the data sources are fragmented and inconsistent. Despite tremendous advancements at the application layer, nearly all IT initiatives succeed or fail based on the quality and consistency of the underlying data.

NYCG’s experts help clients’ undertake information management initiatives in data governance, data integration, data quality, master data management and data virtualization.

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Master data is a subset of big data and master data management (MDM) can provide a compelling starting point for big data analysis. MDM, by definition, focuses on the highest value entities within an organization.

NYCG’s resources identify Integration points between MDM and big data that include ingesting and analyzing unstructured data, creating master data entities, loading new profile information into the MDM system, sharing master data records or entities with the big data platform as the basis for big data analysis, and reusing the MDM matching capabilities in the big data platform such as customer matching.