Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence (DW & BI) implementation is becoming a necessity in the competitive global marketplace. The pace of data processing, maintenance, and storage innovation is rapidly accelerating, forcing firms to think outside the box in order to take advantage of and leverage the future of DW/BI opportunities. Your company simply can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the realities of this ever evolving environment.

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NYCG provides services in Improved performance, master data, and access platform.. With exorbitant amounts of data being transferred in record time, integrating data and multiple platforms can prove challenging, but your clients don’t want to suffer the consequences of your playing catch up.

NYCG projects how systems will behave; reducing the time needed to adjust to new requirements, and adapting to cloud computing workflow are the new reality. Exploiting the benefit of advanced analytics, visualization, and self-service is critical. Making information not only available, but the ability to self-generate much needed reports and depict metrics visually gives companies an edge over competitors, but also improves overall efficiency and planning.
DW/BI relies on security and compliance. The changing nature of federal and legal regulations as well as more inventive opportunities for security breaches increases the risk of too much transparency and potential leaks of information.

NYCG makes DW/BI services a top priority and understands the larger picture impacting your company’s progress. Our specialists have the cutting edge tools, strategies and utmost integrity to not only compliment your current DW/BI practices, but provide solutions to take your business into the next phase and beyond.