Quality Assurance Management

NYCG Testing and Quality Assurance Services helps you build in quality to your applications and accelerate testing to reduce the risk of software defects that could cause critical system outages affecting your operations.

We use industry leading quality management solutions to test your applications for functional quality, performance and security. Together, we identify defects early in the development process and eliminate the waste associated with application rework from defects discovered late in the process. We help you apply test automation to accelerate testing activities and substantially reduce the testing cycle time, while improving test coverage to prevent defects being released to production.

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NYCG core service features include:

  • Testing-as-a-Service
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Specialized Testing (SAP, Oracle, Games, Devices)
  • Nonfunctional Testing (Performance, Security)
  • Unified Functional Testing (with Test Automation)
  • Quality Management (Testing COE)